Third Ward - Documents


General Maintenance and Appearance

  1. All buildings, houses and garages must be maintained in a state of good repair (16.08.090).
  2. All building alterations, additions and most repairs, including electrical, heating and plumbing, require building permits. There is a time limit for projects to be completed (16.04.080).
  3. Painted buildings must be repainted at regular intervals as needed (16.08.165).
  4. The owner or occupant of every dwelling unit must maintain the premises in a safe, clean and sanitary condition (16.08.165).
  5. The growth of weeds and grass on all lots, including the boulevard, may not exceed 7" in height (8.28.030 & 8.28.100).
  6. Yards must be provided with adequate lawn, groundcover or vegetation, or otherwise treated to prevent dust (8.28.100).
  7. It is unlawful to park or store any inoperative motor vehicle on private property (8.36.020).
  8. Every residential lot must be graded and drained to prevent any on-site water accumulation or water accumulation on adjacent property (16.08.165).
  9. Driveways must be maintained in good repair (16.36.080).
  10. Sidewalks must be cleared of snow by the property owner within 24 hours of a snowfall (13.20.010).
  11. Sidewalks must be maintained in good condition, free of ice, snow, hazards or obstructions (13.16.010).
  12. Tree branches and/or bushes may not hang over sidewalks, driveways, streets, or alleys such that they impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic (13.16.010).
  13. The owner of every rooming house is responsible for the sanitary maintenance of the entire rooming house (16.08.120).


  1. No vehicle may be parked, in the same location within a street or an alley, for more than 24 consecutive hours (10.40.030).
  2. On a residential lot, all motor vehicles having 4 or more wheels must be on an improved surface (e.g., concrete, blacktop, gravel). Sand is not considered an improved surface (16.36.080).
  3. Off-street parking may not be provided in the front or corner side yard of a residential lot if sufficient space is available in a non-corner side yard or the rear yard (18.25.050).
  4. Property owners must provide the following numbers of off-street parking spaces (unless a grandfather right exists for the property) (18.25.030).
    Single-family 2
    Duplex 2 per unit
    1 or 2 bedrooms
    3 or more

    1.5 per unit
    2 per unit
    Rooming houses,
    fraternities, sororities
    1 per bedroom

Garbage - Trash - Recyclables

  1. Every occupant must dispose of garbage in a clean and sanitary manner by placing it in required garbage containers (16.08.110).
  2. All garbage must be stored in containers which are constructed of galvanized metal or an approved plastic, are watertight and have handles and tight-fitting cover. These containers must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition and must be of adequate size (8.32.160).
  3. Garbage which may spoil must be placed in plastic bags or otherwise adequately wrapped before being placed in garbage containers (8.32.160).
  4. No garbage or mixed refuse shall be kept more than seven days on a premise (8.32.170).
  5. For the disposal of yard waste, contact your refuse hauler or see the Eau Claire County web site  pertaining to brush disposal and the yard waste disposal directory.
  6. The owner is responsible for providing and maintaining containers for all rooming houses and dwellings with more than two dwelling units. In all other cases, it is the occupant's responsibility to furnish such containers (16.08.110 & 8.32.160).
  7. Non-curbside collection of refuse requires all garbage containers be located outside of a building, enclosed porch or garage, but as near thereto as possible on the day of collection. Containers may not be placed in the public right-of-way (8.32.170).
  8. Curbside collection of refuse is permitted if the following conditions are met:
    -only approved containers provided by the refuse hauler are used
    -all refuse is within the approved container
    -containers are placed at curbside no earlier than 5 p.m. on the day prior to collection and removed the day of collection (8.32.170).
  9.  Recyclables shall be placed for collection at curbside for no longer than 24 hours preceding collection in a manner that does not create a nuisance. Recyclable containers shall be removed on the day of collection (8.32.170).
  10. Burning of garbage or trash is prohibited (8.32.250).
  11. All refuse containers in residential areas must be stored behind the setback of a dwelling and shall not be stored on front porches where they are clearly visible from any street (8.32.165)
  12. All refuse containers for dwellings containing more than 2 dwelling units shall be stored in a location not visible from any street (8.32.165).


  1. It is unlawful to engage in a public or private place in behavior which is violent, unreasonably loud or otherwise disorderly (9.56.010).
  2. It is unlawful to use loudspeakers, amplifiers and stereos in streets, alleys, or public places or in/on buildings in a way which is loud, boisterous or may endanger the comfort, health or safety of others (9.56.070).


  1. All dogs, cats and other such domestic animals must be leashed at all times when off the premises of their owner (6.08.010).
  2. It is unlawful to keep any dog which by loud, frequent or habitual barking causes serious annoyance to the neighborhood (6.08.040).
  3. No more than three cats and two dogs above the age of three months are permitted per dwelling unit (6.08.020).
  4. Animal droppings must be promptly removed, kept in a fly-proof container and disposed of by the owner (6.08.060).
  5. All dogs and cats over the age of 5 months must have city license and a current rabies vaccination (6.04 $ 6.08).


  1. The following numbers of unrelated persons are allowed per dwelling in the zoning categories noted:
    R-1, R-2 Districts = 3
    RM, R-3, R-4 Districts = 4; 5 or more if a rooming house license is obtained.

Who to call for enforcement

  • Health Department

    Garbage, trash and animal waste accumulation, enforcement of Housing Code, rooming house licensing
  • Police Department

    Animal nuisances, on-street parking complaints, noise disturbances
  • Fire Department

    Fire regulations and related subjects
  • Streets Division

    Street maintenance, lawn care, sidewalks, snow removal
  • Community Development

    Neighborhood associations, planning, historic preservation, housing assistance, housing and commercial rehabilitation loans
  • Building Inspection & Zoning Division

    Building permits, zoning, occupancy, flood plain boundaries and regulations, parking lot surfacing, inoperative motor vehicles, signs, furniture, and off-street parking complaints

Eau Claire Comprehensive Plan

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